Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay, everyone!  I think it's time to paint my kitchen.  I loved the red walls when we moved in, but I'm thinking it's time for a change.  There aren't any windows in my kitchen, so the red is a little dark.  Here are the colors I'm thinking of:

The yellow (Martha Stewart Cornbread) would be the main color, and the blue (Martha Stewart Araucana Teal) would be the color for an accent wall. 

Do those colors complement each other? 

These are the only colors that Adam and I both like! 

I also like browns, terra cotta, sage greens - colors like that.

Anybody good with this kind of stuff that could give me some advice?


  1. I think they would work well together does your kitchen lead to other rooms? What are those colors? I am so sick of tans in my house!! still love my red kitchen!

  2. The room opens up to the dining room and that's a lighter yellow. I might just paint it all (including living room and dining room) the cornbread color and most of the kitchen the teal. Gosh where is Martha when you need her?

  3. I'm TERRIBLE at decorating! Sorry kiddo.

  4. yes they go great together - didn't you realize they are both the same colors as the sample can in the pictures?
    My Adam would say to go 2 shades lighter than you think you want to, that's what he makes me do all the time, but who listens to him?

  5. They are great! Especially for a kitchen.

  6. I like the blue. My only advice is get outdoor paint for the kitchen.

    Have fun painting.

    What about an orange maybe burnt orange and that blue would look good, if you like blod.

  7. My kitchen is very close to that blue- the whole thing - and it is SO calming and peaceful. Pretty sure I'll always have a kitchen this color or close to it. Once you do it, you won't want to change it! Go for blue!


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