Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last Wednesday, Dimitri started sniffling and sneezing. We thought “oh, he’s getting a cold”. We just kept an eye on him and he seemed okay. Then on Thursday, he developed a cough which was kind of concerning. Adam had the day off on Friday, so he brought him into the doctor. The doctor said his lungs were clear and his ears and throat looked fine.

Saturday, I had a day at MOA planned with my younger sister, Vanessa, and the kids. All day, Dimitri was kind of crabby and wouldn’t sleep, and he wouldn’t eat much. Something was not right. When we got home, Adam said “how long has he been breathing like this (he was breathing heavy and wheezing)?” I had noticed he was breathing a little heavy, but didn’t think too much of it. Thank goodness he decided we should take him into the emergency room. We called Adam’s mom and she came to stay with Ally. We took him to the hospital near our house (the one he was born at). They took 2 chest x-rays, and 1 neck x-ray. They also did an RSV test (with a swab in the nose) which came back negative. The neck x-ray was concerning though. They thought he had epiglottitis, which if you look at the link I included, is VERY scary. The doctor decided it would be a good idea for the ambulance to take us down to Children’s Hospital. Okay, now I was scared. Before we left in the ambulance, he got a nebulizer treatment to try to help his breathing, and they gave him an oral steroid. Then the EMT’s came in to get us. I rode with him down there. He was happy and smiling at one of the EMT’s. We rode down there with the sirens and everything. As we drove down there, his oxygen levels went down to 90%, so they gave him blow by oxygen (which I held). That promptly got him back to 100%.

We got to the ER at Children’s and a couple nurses greeted us at the door. They brought us into a room and we waited. While we waited, he got oxygen through a nasal cannula. He looked like a little old man with that. My poor baby boy. Then the doctor came to see us and said she was going to look at the x-rays that our local hospital sent over. When she came back in, she said she wasn’t convinced he had epiglottitis. That made us feel a little better. But she said she wanted to do a more in-depth RSV test (which included shooting saline up his nostrils and sucking it out). That test came back positive. We were admitted so he could be on oxygen. They would keep an eye on him and give him nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. We finally got up to our room at 3:30 AM on Sunday (I was just a tad tired). Long story short (okay, not so much) – they let us out on Monday afternoon when he was finally keeping his oxygen sats up by himself.
My little guy is such a trooper. I managed to snap a few pictures with my phone while we were there.

Me and D in the ER at Children's

Poor buddy

Getting a nebulizer treatment

Looking so tiny in his crib

Breaking my heart...

My sister (D's godmother) came to visit

Being a good patient


D had a check up today and he's doing well.  Hopefully he won't scare us like this again (but that's just wishful thinking)!


  1. YIKES Anna! So scary. Lights and sirens? Give a mom a heart attack why don't you? Glad the little guy is on the mend. He sure is a super cutie!

  2. that must of been scary:( He's a lovely brave baby boy!

  3. How scary for you guys! So glad everything came out alright for the little man. Good for you guys for trusting your guy and taking him in!


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