Monday, March 1, 2010


The weekend was pretty good.  Well, it started Friday morning actually.  Ally was sick on Thursday with a stomach bug.  Couldn't keep anything down.  Good times!  I'm just glad nobody else got it.  So, she was feelling great Friday morning, so I brought her to school.  I came to work and thought nothing of it.  Well, her teacher called me at about 9:30 and said "when was the last time Ally threw up?"  I told her "7:00 last night".  Her teacher said "well, you need to come pick her up because she can't come back to school unless it's been at least 24 hours since she vomited last".  GREAT!  Just the way I want to spend my vacation time, home with a perfectly healthy child.  Oh well, I guess it was for the best - just incase she was still contagious.  So, we met my newly unemployed mom at Noodles and Company for lunch.  Yummy!  Ally got her fave: mac and cheese (okay, it's my fave too), and I got the Japanese Pan Noodles.  They were okay.  I'll stick with my old standby of mac and cheese next time.  I'm a kid at heart, and man I love cheese!  After that, we went to Costco and my mom and I split the cost of a membership.  Now I can buy a bunch of fun food I don't really need, in enormous quantities!  Actually, I love shopping there, and my mom is using it mostly for red wine and beer.  She wants to be "heart healthy", she says (love you, mom!)

Saturday we wanted to get out of the house, so we packed up and took a trip to Rosedale Mall.  Adam and I were both looking for new shoes.  What did we end up buying?  Adam got a 20 minute massage at a place called "Massage Therapy Land" from a tiny Asian lady (I think he secretly wanted to marry a tiny Asian lady who gives good back rubs, but he's stuck with me).  That's all we bought.  Oh wait, we did eat lunch at Ruby Tuesday because I was craving the salad bar.  What did Ally get?  Mac and cheese, of course! 

Here are my 3 favorite people at lunch:

Then we tried some silly glasses on Dimitri (because he's a baby and can't defend himself).  A good look, don't you think?  He looks very studious.

Yesterday, we got our family pictures taken by a friend's sister in law.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!  She was so nice and fun to work with.  Then we went to lunch at Old Country Buffet (quit making fun!).  Came home and Adam and Ally made a volcano with play doh and one of my shot glasses:

So, there's my weekend in a nut shell.  Only 5 more days until the next one. ;)

One more thing...I'm looking for a blog makeover, any suggestions on who to use (cheap)?


  1. Check out Life According to Candice (I'm warning you now, her blog is rated R on most days, she's raunchy and hilarious) Anyway, she just had someone re-do her blog and recommended that person on her blog.

  2. Costco - LOVE their flank steak. If you don't have a grill pan, get one, and make flank steak! It's super low in fat and you can do lots of different things with it. (See Pioneer Woman for how to marinade/slice it.) I like their other groceries too - I know I should buy organic produce, but it's hard to pay $2-3 per bell pepper when I can get a bag of 6 at Costco for $6.

  3. Kate:

    I love their groceries too. Have you ever tried their pot pie? I want to someday. I'll have to pick up some flank steak the next time I'm there. :)


    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check her out.


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