Friday, December 4, 2009

He's here!

Dimitri Ivan Musatov is here!  He entered into the world screaming!  Here are his stats:

Born at 9:31 AM
7 pounds, 1 ounce
18 1/2 inches long

He's got my nose and my chubby earlobes :) 

We checked into the hospital around 7:00 on Thursday morning.  They walked us up to our room and I got the figure flattering hospital gown to put on.  Hot mama!  Hell, who has a figure anymore anyways?  Certainly not me.  The nurse came in and asked me a whole boatload of questions, most of which I answered "no" to.  Yep, I'm boring.  Sorry I don't have an STD or smoke crack (at least not while I'm pregnant). ;)  Then I walked down to anesthesia with my mom and Adam.  We got to sit in a tiny room while I proceeded to get nervous.  After I met with the anesthesiologist, we went to the Operating Room and they "prepped" me.  Lots of that orange stuff was spread over my belly and back.  Then the spinal block was administered.  Not nearly as traumatic as I remember it being with Ally.  I think it was more of a whirlwind with her because it wasn't a planned C-section.  But with this one, I had much more time to get nervous.  Then I laid down on the table (could feel nothing from my boobs down at this point).  Then the surgeon got started.  Oops, someone forgot to let my mom know it was time, so one of the nurses went out to get her.  If you're wondering why Adam wasn't in there with me...well, he gets nervous very easily so it's just better that he wasn't there.  My mom was honored to be a part of his birth, and I was thrilled to have her there.  Long story short, he came out screaming his brown curly head off!  My mom took some awesome (though, graphic) pictures.  And I'm not sure why they're showing up this way, sorry! If you can stomach it, here you go:

Welcome to the world Dimitri.  We love you!


  1. The pictures your mom took are glorious! Wow! I love the first one especially.

  2. Congratulations!! I love the name!

  3. SO GLAD he is healthy and you both appear to be doing so well! Loved the little black footprint picture. Just congrats Anna! SO HAPPY for your family.


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