Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lots of stuff

This post is going to be all over the place, so please bear with me.

Today is my last day of work.  I have 8 weeks for my maternity leave, which I'm super excited about!  Yay for having babies.  Speaking of babies, I'm 38 weeks along, tomorrow!  I have my next doctor appointment on Friday and we'll see how everything is looking.  If all goes as planned - we'll have ourselves a baby next Thursday - and hopefully not any sooner because let's face it, I'm not ready!  I'm physically ready, but not mentally.  Besides, I want to use the first couple days of next week to get my Christmas shopping done.  Mostly, I just can't wait to meet my handsome little man! 

Oh, and we FINALLY decided on a name - Dimitri Ivan.  Sounds very Russian and handsome, don't you think?  The middle name (Ivan) is pronounced like the woman's name "Yvonne".  It is also Adam's middle name and his grandfather's name.  I hope he doesn't mind too much that his name doesn't start with an "A" like the rest of ours do.

Yesterday I visited Ally's school for their annual Thanksgiving feast.  It was a lot of fun.  She ate turkey for the first time EVER and even asked for seconds.  Normally she turns up her nose at meat, but I think it helps that her friends were eating it.  Kids are so easily influenced.  The kids even sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for all the parents.  It was so darn cute.  Her school is housed in a church, so the pastor of the church said a little prayer before we all ate.  Of course I was in tears by the end of it.  I felt pretty silly, but that kind of stuff always gets me.  I'm just so thankful for her school, teachers, her friends, the friends I've made there, and I know she's exactly where she needs to be. 

So - Thanksgiving.  We are going to my mom's house tomorrow.  I'm making spinach/artichoke dip, pickle roll ups (addicting), and bringing pumpkin pie and making real whipped cream.  Then we are going to Adam's uncle's house for another dinner at 5:00.  I'm making this - which I've never tried before, but it sure looks good to me!  Anything with heavy whipping cream is good enough for this girl!

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to get posts up while I'm on maternity leave.  I'm still living in the dark ages and don't have internet at home.  However, I do have an iPhone and you can follow me on Twitter if you'd like!  

I think that's about it from me.  Over and out. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

What a difference a weekend makes

Ally's room is D O N E - done!  Adam and I worked our butts off this weekend to finish painting (he did it all), and get her room finished.  When I revealed it to her, she had the BIGGEST smile on her face and yelled downstairs "Adam - come up here and look at my wonderful room!"  Yes, she is the cutest! 

Here is the "before" (the walls look gray here, but were actually DARK green):

And...drumroll please...(I got the bedding at Marshall's - LOVE!)

Got the daisy plaques at Target, and the quote on canvas from Marshall's

Got the lamp from Target, vase and daisies from Pier 1, my dad made the nightstand

The bed used to be my grandparents, and my dad painted it white for Ally

One of the walls.  I don't know why the color is showing up like this, it's orange too

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jibberish (and 35 weeks)

I have a picture, but it's on my phone and I don't know where the cord is to upload the photo right now.  Sorry.  I'll update the post later for those that are really interested (let me know if you are).  Otherwise, I posted it on my Facebook account (Anna Musatov). 

Anywho - seriously cannot believe I'm 35 weeks along already!  Since my c-section is scheduled a week early (December 3rd), I only have 4 weeks to go!  4 weeks, people!  Aaahh!  Am I ready?  Heck no!  I have 2 packs of newborn diapers, a pack of size 2 diapers, and my swing is out.  I bought a fleece sling on Craig's List that I plan to use also. The carseat is in the garage.  I need to get a bassinet from my mom.  I need to fill out the paperwork to pre-register at the hospital.  I need to put together a bunch of instructions and how-to's for my replacement at work.  We are still in the process of converting the office to Ally's room.  Who knew it would take 4 coats of paint to cover dark green paint?  We are painting 2 walls pink and 2 walls orange.  If it weren't for the 2 colors, we'd have been done a while ago.  Adam is always so tired when he gets home, the last thing he wants to do is paint.  I've also been going to bed at 8:00 the last week or so. 

My check ups have been going well.  My blood pressure is still great.  My back does hurt if I stand for extended periods of time.  I've gained about 25 pounds so far. 

This weekend, I'm going to see a girlfriend that I roomed with in college for the first time in 2 years!  We're always so busy, that we just haven't had time to get together.  She's the sweetest girl and I can't wait.  We're going to dinner and then to a comedy show.  My sister, her friends, and my mom are all going too.  There will be like 20 of us all together!  You'll hear us from miles away I'm sure.  I hope nobody is hoping for a nice quiet night at a restaurant.  I call it my "last hurrah" until the baby is born.  I'm assuming we'll be spending lots of days and nights at home getting to know one another. 

I can't wait to meet my little guy!  27 more days....