Monday, August 17, 2009

"I've Been to Duluth"

You know the movie "The Great Outdoors"? The guy who runs the resort that John Candy and company stay at has a t-shirt that says "I've Been to Duluth". I love that shirt and Adam wants one.

A couple weekends ago, we took a little weekend trip to visit my sister and her boyfriend in Duluth. My sister just graduated from college, and Joe (her BF) still has a year left at UMD. They have a cute little apartment. Funny story - when we were driving to the main drag in Duluth from their apartment, I asked my sister if Duluth had a "ghetto" area. She said "you're in it". Ha - so apparently they live in the ghetto. Didn't seem too bad to me. ;)

We got there around noon on Saturday, so we went to Grandma's and ate lunch. I had the yummy chicken tetrazzini, that I would definitely order again. Very much comfort food. After that, we went to a few shops, got Ally a Duluth sweatshirt because it was chilly and we forgot to bring her a jacket when we left the house. Then we went back to the house and played some Wii. That evening we ate some dinner and I can't remember what else we did. I'm getting old, the memory isn't what it used to be.

The next day we went to the zoo, which was kind of pathetic actually. They really need to revitalize that place. But, anyway, here are some pictures from our weekend.


  1. Found you through Paging Dr.Mommy.
    Your pics are so cute and I enjoyed reading through your blog!!

  2. I love spending the weekend in Duluth. Close, but so much to do!

  3. Here's a reminder of your visit to Grandma's.


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