Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a great weekend! On Friday night, Ally ended up wanting to stay overnight at her grandma Mary's house, because her cousins Cole & Sydney were there. Well, me and Adam decided to hit the chinese buffet for dinner - because we're classy like that. Then we couldn't decide which movie to see after dinner, so we just went home and watched Trauma: Life in the ER instead. Watched a guy who was in a motorcycle accident lose 3 limbs and heard Adam say "man, maybe I don't want a motorcycle anymore". OUCH! Oh, around 9:30 the phone rang, and it was Adam's mom saying that Ally wanted to come home because she "missed papa". So, we got in the car and went to pick her up. When she got home, she wanted to watch TV, but I put the kabosh on that real quick and she was in bed and sleeping within 15 minutes.

Saturday we were up, had breakfast, and went to pick up Ally's cousin Sydney to come to Valleyfair with us. It was my company picnic and we decided at the last minute to invite Sydney along. I'm SO GLAD we did. The girls had a blast together! Sydney went on all the little kid rides with Ally. Here is them on the ferris wheel:

And on the "Mild Thing" (look at Ally with her hands in the air - having much fun?):

Oh yeah, and the second time she went on "Mild Thing", she got whiplash and bit her lip. Poor kid. They had to stop the ride so she could get off. But at least the first time around was a good experience!

Sunday, Ally and I met up with her old audiologist, Inna. We had lunch at Psycho Suzi's (tater tots and pizza, every kids dream meal), and were able to eat out on the patio. Such a lovely day for it. Inna brought Ally a princess teapot play set, and the little stinker paid for lunch too. I told her the next time is on me. Inna's husband works for Northwest Airlines, and he was offered a job in Atlanta, so we'll have to get together again before she moves. We'll miss her a lot! She has helped us so much with Ally and has been with us from the beginning.

After our lunch, we went home, Ally slept for a while (I may or may not have dozed off on the couch) and then we got up and went over to Adam's cousin's house for a BBQ. Brats, hot dogs, fruit, pasta salad - all the good things BBQ's are made of. Leah (his wife and my friend) made an excellent raspberry sorbet dessert that I've been told was fat free. YUM! Of course, we all got to snuggle with their new (7 week old) twins, Finnigan and Annika. They are such cutie pies and could not be more like their parents (personality and looks wise). I call Finn, Trav's "mini me".

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Wow looks like you had an action packed weekend!! I was going to let you know that the Splash park in SLP is free and it was fun. There is one in Princeton that is 3 dollars but I think it would be more worth it because its so much closer!

    I also wanted to know if you would pass my name to your friends that have twins! I have been looking for twins to shoot for some time now and would love to offer them a good deal! If they book with me I would give you a free session!

    email me

  2. Hey man, if you are classy, then so am I! I love me a little chinese buffet! I am glad the weather turned out nice on Saturday, it did not start out well!

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend! For as long as I've lived here (8 years) I've STILL never been to Valley Fair. I keep meaning to go but just haven't gotten around to it. That pic of your girl with her hands in the air is so cute!


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