Monday, June 15, 2009

Silly kid

So, we had Adam's cousin's son, Guy, overnight on Saturday. Of course, after a full day of playing and getting dirty, both kids needed a bath that night. Adam didn't want them bathing together (for some odd reason), so he just told Ally that boys and girls are different and left it at that.

Well, last night, Ally was chatting away (to herself), and she said something along the lines of "boys and girls are different - girls have a butt one (?), and boys have a long pee pee". Um, okay?! Where the heck did she come up with that? Adam and I could not stop laughing.

She is such a comedy relief for us!


  1. That is a great story! Kids say the funniest cutest things!

  2. Well, she IS right, you know!
    What a funny girl!

  3. My husband gives me heck for letting Reagan and her cousin Brady take a bath together JUST ONE TIME. Because of that bath, she asked the inevitable question, and I told her the truth with the proper terms. So her Daddy was none too pleased the next night when she announced to him that he was a boy and that he had a penis. I didn't think his rant would ever end that night! OH WELL!


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