Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby update

I just realized I haven't said much about the little peanut growing inside of me. Actually, now it's more like the size of a lemon, but you get the point. At my first dr. appt. (9 weeks), the doctor did an ultrasound because he couldn't get the heartbeat with the doppler. During the ultrasound, we saw the little thing and the doctor kept saying "there's your little peanut". So now that's what we call it. :)

Anyway, peanut is doing fine. I'm 14.5 weeks along. I just had an appointment on Tuesday and everything is looking great - heartbeat is 168 and I didn't have any complaints about anything really. I know I've mentioned it before, but my doctor is AWESOME! Very laid back and down to earth...which you don't find too often in doctors (now in my experience, at least). So, he said since it's my 2nd child and everything is looking good, I don't need to come back again until July 30th, when I'll have my 20 week ultrasound and we get to FIND OUT THE SEX! Yes, we don't like surprises so we're finding out the sex. The doctor said to drink some sugar that morning so the baby will flash us! Then, the real work begins - picking out a name. We'd like to stick with the "A" names - since we're already Anna, Adam and Ally. But I have a girl named picked out that doesn't start with an A that I've kinda fallen in love with. We'll see. Of course, we don't have any boy names picked out. What are some good boy names I haven't thought of? Don't say Aiden, because that's what everyone keeps telling us!

I've been feeling pretty good though. I do have to get up a couple times at night to go to the restroom (already), and have to eat every couple hours to make sure I don't feel nauseous - but other than that, smooth sailing! I've had some great friends borrow me maternity clothes too, which is nice. I am pretty much set in that department. I can't wait for the big belly. Right now I kinda look like I just had a big lunch. ;)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Ha Ha I like A names as well but not when it comes to boys! I have boy girl and boy names picked oout once we get prego! Some other names I like . . .



    I cant share my favs just yet :)

    It will be exciting to know the sex! I cant wait to be prego again! Let me know if you would be interested in doing pregnancy pictures!

  2. Alloicious? Aladden? Amos? :))) Actually, I kind of like Amos but it makes me think of cookies! Mmmmmmmm. Cookies!

  3. Oh, nooooo! No to "Aiden"! It's 2007-2009's version of "Jason", I think.

    How about Alex? (Could be Alexander or Alexis/Alexandra!)

  4. Actually, Ally's real name is Alexandra, so Alex (for a boy or girl) probably wouldn't work too well. Good thinking though!

    Thanks for the name ideas, ladies. We have some things to think about!

  5. Andrew

    Andy and Ally sounds cute to me. :)

  6. I like Andrew :) I also really liked Alec, but Adam didn't. Boys are tough to name - hopefully it's another girl - they are easier I think! It was fun to see you and I hope Ally likes her motorcycle!


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