Monday, June 29, 2009


We had a great weekend! On Friday night, Ally ended up wanting to stay overnight at her grandma Mary's house, because her cousins Cole & Sydney were there. Well, me and Adam decided to hit the chinese buffet for dinner - because we're classy like that. Then we couldn't decide which movie to see after dinner, so we just went home and watched Trauma: Life in the ER instead. Watched a guy who was in a motorcycle accident lose 3 limbs and heard Adam say "man, maybe I don't want a motorcycle anymore". OUCH! Oh, around 9:30 the phone rang, and it was Adam's mom saying that Ally wanted to come home because she "missed papa". So, we got in the car and went to pick her up. When she got home, she wanted to watch TV, but I put the kabosh on that real quick and she was in bed and sleeping within 15 minutes.

Saturday we were up, had breakfast, and went to pick up Ally's cousin Sydney to come to Valleyfair with us. It was my company picnic and we decided at the last minute to invite Sydney along. I'm SO GLAD we did. The girls had a blast together! Sydney went on all the little kid rides with Ally. Here is them on the ferris wheel:

And on the "Mild Thing" (look at Ally with her hands in the air - having much fun?):

Oh yeah, and the second time she went on "Mild Thing", she got whiplash and bit her lip. Poor kid. They had to stop the ride so she could get off. But at least the first time around was a good experience!

Sunday, Ally and I met up with her old audiologist, Inna. We had lunch at Psycho Suzi's (tater tots and pizza, every kids dream meal), and were able to eat out on the patio. Such a lovely day for it. Inna brought Ally a princess teapot play set, and the little stinker paid for lunch too. I told her the next time is on me. Inna's husband works for Northwest Airlines, and he was offered a job in Atlanta, so we'll have to get together again before she moves. We'll miss her a lot! She has helped us so much with Ally and has been with us from the beginning.

After our lunch, we went home, Ally slept for a while (I may or may not have dozed off on the couch) and then we got up and went over to Adam's cousin's house for a BBQ. Brats, hot dogs, fruit, pasta salad - all the good things BBQ's are made of. Leah (his wife and my friend) made an excellent raspberry sorbet dessert that I've been told was fat free. YUM! Of course, we all got to snuggle with their new (7 week old) twins, Finnigan and Annika. They are such cutie pies and could not be more like their parents (personality and looks wise). I call Finn, Trav's "mini me".

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby update

I just realized I haven't said much about the little peanut growing inside of me. Actually, now it's more like the size of a lemon, but you get the point. At my first dr. appt. (9 weeks), the doctor did an ultrasound because he couldn't get the heartbeat with the doppler. During the ultrasound, we saw the little thing and the doctor kept saying "there's your little peanut". So now that's what we call it. :)

Anyway, peanut is doing fine. I'm 14.5 weeks along. I just had an appointment on Tuesday and everything is looking great - heartbeat is 168 and I didn't have any complaints about anything really. I know I've mentioned it before, but my doctor is AWESOME! Very laid back and down to earth...which you don't find too often in doctors (now in my experience, at least). So, he said since it's my 2nd child and everything is looking good, I don't need to come back again until July 30th, when I'll have my 20 week ultrasound and we get to FIND OUT THE SEX! Yes, we don't like surprises so we're finding out the sex. The doctor said to drink some sugar that morning so the baby will flash us! Then, the real work begins - picking out a name. We'd like to stick with the "A" names - since we're already Anna, Adam and Ally. But I have a girl named picked out that doesn't start with an A that I've kinda fallen in love with. We'll see. Of course, we don't have any boy names picked out. What are some good boy names I haven't thought of? Don't say Aiden, because that's what everyone keeps telling us!

I've been feeling pretty good though. I do have to get up a couple times at night to go to the restroom (already), and have to eat every couple hours to make sure I don't feel nauseous - but other than that, smooth sailing! I've had some great friends borrow me maternity clothes too, which is nice. I am pretty much set in that department. I can't wait for the big belly. Right now I kinda look like I just had a big lunch. ;)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everyone loves a parade!

This weekend was the annual Pioneer Days in good 'ol St. Francis. Yes, I went to high school in St. Francis, and no, I didn't like it. Enough about that.

My friend Jen from work lives in St. Francis - right on the parade route! Since we all know parades are fun, we enjoyed the parade right from her front yard. She put out quite the spread of food and drinks and fun was had by all. It was a perfect Summer day too, so that really made the day great! We also watched Adam's cousin's son for the day/night, so that's the little boy in the pictures with Ally.

Ally was not sure what to do when people were throwing candy at her from the floats, but she sure did have fun after she watched the other kids go snatch it up. It didn't take her long to catch on. Since Jen lives right at the beginning of the parade route, we got the best stuff: candy, freezies, and even a bucket of sidewalk chalk! What kid doesn't need more sidewalk chalk? Of course there were some politicians out shaking hands and schmoozing too.

Here are a few pics from the occasion.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Impulse buy

As we know, the new baby will be here sooner than we think. I figured now is as good a time as any to move Ally into the office, which will be her new bedroom (we'll take the computer out of there, so it's really a bedroom). My dad refinished one of the beds that used to be in my grandparents house, and painted it white. I've always loved the pink and orange color combination, so today when I saw this at Marshall's, I could not pass it up. Even if she hates it, I can always return it. I just couldn't let anybody else buy it without at least trying first. So, I bought the quilt for $39.99, 2 of those rectangular pillows that have dots on one side and stripes on the other, and the round pillow. The pillows were $9.99 each - I love Marshall's! I figure I'll just put white sheets on her bed and white pillow cases. What do you guys think? Cute for a little girl? We will paint her room probably the darker pink color. What do you think of having an orange accent wall too? I'm begging for decorating advice. I'd love to find a little bedside table and a cute pink lamp to go in there too.
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Silly kid

So, we had Adam's cousin's son, Guy, overnight on Saturday. Of course, after a full day of playing and getting dirty, both kids needed a bath that night. Adam didn't want them bathing together (for some odd reason), so he just told Ally that boys and girls are different and left it at that.

Well, last night, Ally was chatting away (to herself), and she said something along the lines of "boys and girls are different - girls have a butt one (?), and boys have a long pee pee". Um, okay?! Where the heck did she come up with that? Adam and I could not stop laughing.

She is such a comedy relief for us!

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Today is my hubby's 29th birthday (yes, I robbed the cradle). Happy Birthday to the best daddy and husband in the world. We may not have it all, but as long as we have each other, that's all that matters! Love you.