Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kids are so cute

It was almost 65 degrees here yesterday. I don't want to jump the gun, but I think Spring might actually be here! Ally and I took full advantage of the nice weather and took a drive to the park. Yes, I drove. It was getting dark out and I didn't want to have to walk back home in the dark. Sue me. ;) Anyway, she had a lot of fun. Of course, since it was so nice out, everyone and their little brother were there!

Ally made a couple friends while we were there. The cutest little girl came up to her and said "hi, what's your name?" Ally (without skipping a beat) said "my name is Ally". I about died. They were having a conversation. For a normal hearing kid, this wouldn't have been an issue, but with Ally (having to hear that girl's soft voice) - this was pretty impressive. The little girl introduced herself as Ava and asked Ally to play with her. They were just getting ready to go down their first slide and Ava's dad told her it was time to go home. Maybe they will meet up at the park some other time. Then Ally wanted me to help her down the fireman's pole and I realized she couldn't reach, so I told her to go down the slide to get down. There was a girl up there with her, she was probably 9 or 10. She said to Ally "wanna go down the slide with me?" Ally went down the slide with that girl! I'm so proud of her for being brave and not shy. The girl was so nice. I should've given her our number for when she gets old enough to babysit!

I've been looking online for Easter dresses for Ally. Of course, if money weren't an issue, I'd buy her this outfit, from Baby Gap:

It's only about $100 for the whole she-bang. Pocket change. ;) In all reality, I'll probably buy her something from Target. That's okay, we're a Target kinda family anyway.

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. That outfit is absolutely darling. I can just see her in it!!


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