Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun filled birthday weekend!

We helped celebrate 3 birthdays this weekend! Grandpa Doug turned 46 (I'm sure he'd love that I'm telling you all that), Cole turned 10, and Hope turned 8.

On Saturday we celebrated at Dave & Buster's with lunch and games with the family. Ally loved playing the games and getting to pick out a couple prizes with all the points she (me and Adam) won!

Ally with her Dave & Busters ball

Ally (enjoying her kiddy cocktail) & Auntie Shannon

On Sunday, we went over to my sister's house to enjoy the company of my side of the family. Little miss Hope Marie was celebrating her 8th birthday. I can't believe how big she's getting. Seems like just yesterday she was the apple of her auntie's eye, you should've seen me showing off the pics of her as a baby (she was SO CUTE).

My mom and sister Vanessa giving Hope her birthday spankings :)

Hope reading the book of a card that my sister in law got her (I advised her to keep the cards short and sweet next time, since Hope reads the whole thing outloud)

My nephew Tyler, who will be turning 1 very soon!

Ally with her new Spongebob shirt I bought her. It was supposed to be for Easter, but I gave it to her yesterday. I'm a sucker.


  1. Are those new header pics? Because they are adorable. I am glad you a great weekend. I love birthday weekends!
    p.s. I am a sucker too.

  2. Hi! Yes, they are new pics. We got them taken a while ago, but I re-did my header. Thanks! :)


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