Monday, March 30, 2009

the cutest thing ever

A couple other gals and I threw a baby shower for my friend Leah this weekend. She is preggo with twins (a boy and a girl). Her sister in law bought her the cutest clothes - but this one has got to be my favorite.

Aren't they the most adorable things you've ever seen? I sure think so! Those kiddos are going to look so sweet in them. Can't wait to meet them! More pics from the shower to come... (I know you're waiting with baited breath)...


  1. holy crap - is this the Leah I know? ... was it Leah and Trav or something? TWINS?!?!

  2. Those are totally adorable! Love them, if only my sons could fit into them!

  3. Betsy,

    Yep, you got it! Leah and Trav are having twins. :)


    I know! Adorable. If you were crafty, you could make some, but really - who has the time (or talent, in my case)?



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