Monday, March 16, 2009

Close to my heart...

As you know, Ally received a cochlear implant a little over a month ago. This has changed our life (hers especially) for the better!

There is another child, named Seth, who needs to get 2 implants! The families insurance will only cover part of the surgery. That's where you come in. If you contribute a small donation, this child will have the chance to get his implants! Click on the Profound Pictures Prize Package button on the left side of my blog to find out about this cool prize and how you can help.

Every child deserves to hear to their full potential.


  1. Isn't it cool to be able to pass it on? Especially since you know if firsthand. Amazing people here, right! I am so glad it is going well for Ally.

  2. Yes, it's very cool to pass it on. It would be even cooler if I win that camera ;)

    Thanks - Ally loves her implant, she never wants to be without it!



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