Friday, March 6, 2009

Because I have nothing else to blog about today

So, I'm using Twitter. I must admit, I never knew how addicting it would become. Especially all the celebrities and politicians that use it. I'm currently following Ashton Kutcher, John Mayer, Tina Fey, Dr. Drew and others. Because, secretly I think we're friends? Really I have no idea why I'm following them - it's something to do. Here are a few "tweets" that just cracked me up.

"But Daddy, Obama's kids are getting a puppy, why can't I?" Because Daddy voted for McCain. - Tina Fey

Are Eggrolls just Chinese Hotpockets? - Tina Fey

I like my men like my peanut butter: chunky. - Tina Fey

Okay, apparently I'm amused by Tina Fey today. Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Ok seriously that is crazy! My daughter is named after my grandpa and grandma! Alexander and mary! We call her Alex! Where do you live! That is serisouly crazy! How old is your little Ally?!


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