Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cochlear Implant? Check.

Sorry it's taken me so long to update, but I'm one of the 2 people in the world without internet access at home. Since I'm not back to work yet, I had to update tonight at my mom's house. That's right, it's Valentine's Day and I'm sitting at my mom's house. Adam is pretty sick and I didn't want to expose Ally to it more than she already has been.

Anywho, the reason for the post...Ally's cochlear implant! We got to the U of M Children's Hospital at 5:30 AM and checked in. Then we met with Dr. Rimell and the rest of the wonderful people at the hospital. She got her little "cocktail" (recommended by another mom of an implant recipient, thanks Leisa!) and was happy as can be. She didn't even cry when they wheeled her away to surgery. She just waved and told us goodbye. Surprisingly, I didn't cry either. They told us surgery would last around 3 hours, and wouldn't you know that around 10:30 they were done! We got to go in and see her - the poor thing was bawling and the nurse was trying to console her. Then after a few minutes and a cup of apple juice, she threw up all over me, Adam and pretty much anyone and anything within 5 feet of her. Darn anesthesia. But, all in all, she did a fantastic job and they were able to implant her. They didn't know if they would actually be able to put it in, because the pictures from the CT scan a couple weeks prior showed that the facial nerve was really close to where they needed to implant the device. Well, they got in there and had more room then what the pictures showed. We were so relieved. Now (hopefully) she won't have to have another surgery until she's ready to have the right ear implanted (someday, maybe, if her hearing gets worse in that ear).

She was pretty out of it when we got into our hospital room. She kind of slept a lot and didn't want to eat or anything. She only threw up one more time at the hospital too. Sorry, am I talking about throwing up too much? Hopefully nobody is eating and reading my blog at the same time.

Sooo, fast forward to today and she is sleeping great. The incision looks great and looks to be healing nicely. She has an appt. with her audiologist on February 27th to get "hooked up". I'm excited for her!

Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. We're blessed to have you, and of course we're blessed to have our little girl.

Oh, one more thing. We shared our hospital room with a little girl named Lexi. Her mom donated a kidney to her! She is a 4 year old little girl and we're hoping everyone will pray for her and her family.

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  1. Glad to hear it! It is always worrisome as a mommy, so I am glad to hear everything went well. I hope the recovery continues smoothly.


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