Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost there...

This post is coming to you live from the U of M, where Miss Ally is currently in surgery for her cochlear implant. We arrived here at 5:30 this morning after an eventful ride in the car. She decided to throw up all over herself, me and her stuffed monkey. I still smell like vomit. Eeew. Anyway, I think the nerves were getting to her. The anesthesiologist didn't find any reason to not have the surgery. we wait. I had to find a computer so I could update everyone. Facebook is blocked here - why is everyone trying to keep me away from Facebook?

Her surgeon said the surgery would last about 3 hours and she's been in there since 7:30, so we have about an hour to go. I will update more later when she's done (probably around dinner time).

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and prayers. It means the world to us. Keep praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

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