Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ice Skating

Well, this weekend we had another first as a family. We went ice skating! It was fun - for Ally and Adam. Me? Not so much. 3 times around the ice (holding Adam's hand the entire time), and that was enough for me. Adam played hockey in high school, so he seemed very comfortable on the ice. Ally had a blast, and can't stop talking about it. Mary thinks she should play hockey, but I don't know about that. We went with Mary, Doug, Tony, Shannon, Cole, Sydney, John and Joanne. Here are a few pictures from the outing. Enjoy!

Shannon, Cole, and Syd (sorry for the flash off the glass)
Blurry pic of Adam helping Ally

All bundled up, waiting for help from papa (I'm useless)


Getting the hang of it - future Kristi Yamaguchi (or not)

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  1. Ally can be the ice skating princess and the boys can be the hockey players.


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