Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ally's goes to the dentist

This morning, I took Ally to her very first dental appointment. Of course, I forgot my camera! BUT, I'm a very proud mommy today. She was such a trooper. She did need to sit on my lap the whole time, but didn't shed one tear and smiled through the whole thing - except when they were looking in her mouth, of course. It helped that they gave her a big bag of goodies: latex gloves (doesn't every 3 year old need a pair?), a face mask, samples of toothpaste, a groovy new Winnie the Pooh toothbrush, some bubble gum floss, and 2 prizes from the treasure chest. They were very impressed with the spaces in her teeth, it's nice that food won't get stuck in there. She's excited to get home to use her new toothbrush and toothpaste. She actually wanted to try it out in the car after her appointment on the way to school. I told her that we needed water to brush her teeth though. ;)

Now I'll make sure to report when she actually gets a cleaning next time...might not be as pretty.

What a little angel I have. I'm more and more proud of her everyday.

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  1. Good Job Ally. I hope when Ryan goes in for his first dentist appointment he will be brave just like you.


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