Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Days & More

Ally started her first day of preschool at Northern Voices yesterday. She was so cute w/ her lunch box and backpack (which broke on the way out the door, gotta love Wal Mart). She totally cheesed it up for the camera.

This picture was taken when we went to Stillwater with my mom and dad for the day. We ate lunch at the Freight House, and sat and watched the boats go by. Not a bad day!

This was after she got her face painted (it was $.50, so I wasn't expecting a masterpiece) at the Mounds View Festival in the Park. It was a cute little festival with food, booths selling goods, and games for the kids.

Is Summer officially over? It's only going to get up to 70º today. Oh well. Adam said we can open up the windows next week when his allergies won't be so bad. It seems like a crime to have the A/C on when it's 70º out. I hope everyone had a great summer and I'm really looking forward to fall.

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