Tuesday, July 29, 2008

45 Minutes

Not that I'm excited or anything, but in a mere 45 minutes, I'll be done with work for the day. Tomorrow morning (early, like 4 AM early) we're leaving for a family vacation to Door County, WI. It'll be me, Adam, Ally, Mary (Adam's mom), Doug (Adam's stepdad), and Tony & Shannon (his brother and wife). Not really looking forward to the 8 hour drive, but I think it'll all be worth it when we get there! And I hope Ally does okay for that long in the car. That's kind of why we're leaving really early, hoping she'll sleep for at least a few hours. We rented a house that'll fit all of us. Can't wait to go shopping, eat lunch at quaint little restaurants, go for walks, go to the beach, and just generally RELAX. Most importantly, 3 days of NO WORK! I'll make sure to post lots of pics when we get back. Later!

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