Monday, June 2, 2008

Overdue Posting

So, I've been neglecting the blog. Sorry. Like I said though, life with a 2 year old is never boring. She won't be 2 for much longer, she turns 3 in August. I can hardly believe it. We've now come into the potty training days, little Ms. Attitude, and "what Ally wants, Ally gets". Oh well, I would not trade one moment of it.

Northern Voices (Ally's school) is wrapping up on Thursday. We're all taking a trip to Como Zoo on Friday, so that should be a fun time! I just hope the weather cooperates.

We had a nice weekend. Didn't do much on Friday night. We both had a couple beers and Adam grilled chicken, which was delicious. Saturday, my parents picked up me and Ally and we went to St. Cloud to visit my nephews, Ryan and Tyler. They are both getting so big and have such great personalities. Then I worked at Totino's at 4:00. Sunday we laid around. Finally got around to showering, and then I took Ally to get her hair cut. Then we went to Wal Mart for some essentials. At 4:00, we went to a birthday party for our friends Dave and Kelly's daughter, Emma. She turned 3. What a big girl she is becoming. Such a cutie pie.

Here are a few pics from this weekend. Ally on the couch in her "big girl underwear" (which she happens to pee in a lot), and her new "do". Enjoy! (I couldn't figure out how to post the pics under the writing - sorry, I'm not blog saavy).

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