Monday, April 7, 2008

Can I have a do-over?

I'd like a do-over on the weekend, please!

I took a vacation day on Friday. I could feel myself getting sick on Wednesday and Thursday, so I wanted to just take Friday to sleep and get some rest. Well, mission accomplished! I dropped Ally off at grandma's, took 2 Benadryl and proceeded to sleep 'til 2:45 in the afternoon. I don't think I've EVER slept that late. You know when you sleep that much, you kind of feel worse? Well, that was my case at least.

Saturday, I woke up and just was not feeling good. Still, I had plans to go to St. Cloud and go to Crafts Direct with my mother in law, a friend, and Shannon and Marge (they live in St. Cloud). We also had plans to go out for lunch. I have not had money or time to go shopping in a long time, so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity. Well, by about 2:00, I just knew something was not right. When we got back into "the cities", I sent Ally with Mary and trucked my butt over to Urgent Care. I ended up getting a strep test and flu test and the strep came back positive. My glands were extremely swollen, which in turn made me feel like I had a double ear infection. Not fun (understatement of the year)!!! Anywho...I got on penicillin, so I'm feeling about 70% better today. Miracle drug!

So, that was my fun weekend with strep throat. I also had to call in to Totino's (I was supposed to work on Saturday night). Nice employee I am. I don't think they would have been too happy with me coughing and getting my germs all over the customers.

Have a great week!

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