Monday, March 31, 2008

Life Update

Happy snowy Monday! Will this winter EVER end?

I started my new job at Totino's the week before last. Well, we opened last Wednesday and I worked that night, and Thursday. It went GREAT. They still need to work out a few kinks (mostly just accomodations for the waitstaff). I think everyone is very happy with the new restaurant though, and I must say that the tips have been very helpful. :)

Ally is doing great. She has been a little sick with a cold, but who hasn't?

Me and Ally went to my great aunt Helen's 90th birthday party this weekend in the huge town of Cable, WI. It was fun to see all my relatives on the Hedberg side and just hang out. All the cousins went to the bar at the hotel on Saturday night and whooped it up! We were the only ones in there, so I'm pretty sure we annoyed the bartender by staying until close, playing random songs on the jukebox and just generally having a good time! We took lots of fun pictures, which I'll post when I get from them. My aunt Cindy was knitting, and I think that would be a fun thing to take up. You know, in my spare time when I'm not working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at Totino's. ;) We'll see...

I kind of feel like I might be picking up a little illness too. I have been really achey today and just tired. Oh well, hopefully it'll pass and I'll be fine for work tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and I'll post again soon!

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