Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! We did. We went to my mom's house first and had a good ol' fashioned Easter Egg hunt. All the kids could find 5 eggs. Then they turned the eggs into my mom for a prize. For each egg, the kids got a quarter. $1.25 later, Ally's rich! My neice Hope (she's 7) blurted out, "now I have way more money than $317.00". So cute. I guess I know who to rob if I get desperate for money. This picture (above) is of Ally at her grandma Mary's house. We also went there for dinner yesterday. She got 2 Easter baskets: one from her auntie Shannon, and one from her auntie Marge. She's so lucky to have such great relatives! Marge also bought her the dress she's wearing, which was absolutely ADORABLE on her. Ally does this thing where she sticks her finger in the dimples on her cheeks. So cute.

Here are Adam and Ally looking for Easter eggs. I think they found one. ;) Adam looks excited.

Here is Ally sitting next to her cousin Ryan. He just had surgery to unblock the shunt he has in his head. He's doing really well now and looking like such a big boy! We love you Ryan. He has a little brother on the way too, who is due April 1st. We can't wait for another boy to carry on the Hedberg name.

I really wanted to get a family picture yesterday. Unfortunately, I was too busy taking pictures to think about it. One of these days...

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